What you’ll get from Code Spaces

  • Rock-Solid
    Repository Hosting

    Rock-Solid Subversion Hosting, SVN Hosting and Git Hosting

    Code Spaces delivers first class Subversion and Git Hosting using the very best hardware and software combinations available. See our Hosting page for more information.

  • Full Redundancy & Snapshot Backups

    Full Redundancy & Snapshot Backups

    With Data Centers in 3 continents we can guarantee 99% uptime. If our servers are not up for 99% of the time, we will give you that month’s hosting for free - now that's a guarantee!

  • In-depth Reports & Project Analytics

    In-depth Reports & Project Analytics

    Stay up to date with the progress of your projects with comprehensive analytics from Code Spaces. Our thorough reports ensure ease of management and accurate projections for teams, small and large.

  • Publicly Accessible Project Portals

    Publicly Accessible Project Portals

    Keeping your clients up to date with the status of their project is a breeze with Code Spaces. Use our public portals to provide Wikis and deployment notifications, provide RSS feed updates, and allow clients to submit bugs.

And that’s not all...

  • Project Management

    Collaborate, log and discuss project activity

  • Community Knowledge bases

    Get your repository questions answered by users like you

  • Issue Tracking

    Manage and track your tasks and bugs

  • Real Time Backups

    You make a change, we make a back up - it’s that simple

  • Agile Card Wall

    Draggable, assignable, prioritizable, remarkable

  • Repo Security

    Permissioned access control & SSL Encryption for all accounts

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Yes, these are real quotes
  • "Your support is awesome. Best repo service out there!"
    - Scott Harper, Harper Brothers
  • "More time coding, less time worrying. Thanks CS!"
    - Brian Bartholomew, The Aardvark Brigade

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