Jan 12

Code Spaces rolls out the first major update of 2012

This weekend’s update marks the first of many major improvements planned for Code Spaces since being adopted by AbleBots. We have big plans in store for Code Spaces, and I’d like to take a moment to tell you what we got started with.

Subversion 1.7

Code Spaces now has full support for SVN 1.7, allowing you to take advantages of it’s new features. A request we frequently get from CS users is the ability to export your SVN repository on demand. In addition to the realtime backups CS currently offers, 1.7 users can take advantage of the new SVNRDUMP utility, which allows you to export your repo without requiring access to the remote server. Additionally, SVN PATCH was introduced to working along side of SVN DIFF for creating and applying patches.

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Dec 11

Setting up your Git SSH Keys to work with CodeSpaces

Creating a Repository

Creating a repository is as simple as clicking the “New Git┬áRepository” button in the admin section toolbar. Once you have selected a name, etc.. you can click save and the repository will be created in Code Spaces (it can take a minute to create the Git repo on our servers).


Git access permissions are setup in the repository settings, and you have a few options:

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Dec 11

Subversion 1.7 and various other updates

We are planning on rolling out a really big update the Code Spaces SVN backend before the new year, the exact date has not yet been decided however we will let you know as soon as we know.

The update consists of:

  • Subversion 1.7 Support.
  • New notification service for Subversion Commits.
  • Quicker authentication system.
  • IP address based whitelists for Extra Security.
  • Recurring Billing.
  • Various Bug Fixes.
  • News Letters

Subversion 1.7 Support

Once we roll out this update any new repositories you create will be served by version 1.7 of the Subversion Server, any old repositories you have will remain on 1.6. To move a 1.6 repository to 1.7 there will be a “Upgrade Repository” feature that will move your repo from the 1.6 based infrastructure to our new 1.7 based infrastructure. The move will also represent a change in the repository URL so the existing scheme :


will change to:


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Oct 11

A little background on the New Website and the next 5 Years!

Check out this blog article on our Ablebots.com site for some background on the recent changes to Code Spaces.

Jun 11

Importing your Subversion Repository

Quite often when you come to Code Spaces you will already have a Subversion repository, be it on your local infratructure or with another Subversion Hosting company.

What you need.

Before you can move your data in to our infrastucture you will need an SVN Dump of your existing repository, If you running your own SVN infrestructure you can do this with the svnadmin dump command as follows:

svnadmin dump repository_path > repository_name.dump

If you repository is hosted with a third party you will need to use the mechinism they have or raise a support ticket to get a SVN Dump of your data.
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May 11

Customer Support

In our ongoing effort to provide our customers with a better all round service we have migrated our Technical Support over to Collabable.com as always, you can get support by using the form on our Website or by sending an email to support@codespaces.com

Our ‘A’ Game

Technical Support is an area where we often trump our competition, we try to respond as soon as possible and to be as personal as possible at all times. If you email us a support request we try to break the common perception that emails to support departments go in to black holes and rarely come back, We try to exceed your expectations and most of the time I think we do.

With that said, managing 24/7 support requires a lot of hard work and commitment, because we want to be fresh and as helpful as we can at all times (yes Sunday evening at 23:00 hrs too) we need to provide our support reps with the tools to enable them to do there job from wherever they are.
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Apr 11

Amazon EC2 Outage (2011/04/21)

A day to remember!

It was an interesting day, at around 8:40 (GMT) we started getting notifications from our monitoring instruments that our database cluster was failing over, one node at a time.

Now this alone normally wouldn’t be a problem because we host with Amazon EC2 so new nodes should automatically be firing up and joining the cluster, thus keeping the cluster alive.

But it was no “Normal” day, and new nodes didn’t fire up and the cluster did go down.

About Amazon EC2

Its safe to say that Amazon EC2 is an amazing implementation of Cloud Computing and the mechanisms they have in place to allows companies like ours to scale, and stay up are the best i have seen in the past 12 years of working in and running internet companies.

Amazon allow us to create “instances”, these are VM running our own software stack. They allow us to create an infinite number of them, and we can switch them on and off again at will.

Amazon also have a storage solution called EBS (Elastic Block Storage) which allows us to provision virtual disks that can be attached and detached to instances at will.

For the last four years this system has given us ~99.9% uptime and has allowed us to scale to meet our customer demands.

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Mar 11

Where are my backups?

From time to time we have customers who want to automate the download of backups.

We have an API that will expose the backup data (file locations, etc…) which will enable you to easilly automate this, and store the backups yourself.

The api is accessable by doing a HTTP GET to:




As you can see the API will expose the backup data in XML or JSON format.


NOTE: you will need to pass your login credentials with the request.

Mar 11

Subversion for Visual Studio Developers

Subversion for Visual Studio Developers with AnkhSVN

Accessing Subversion repositories from Visual Studio is really easy with AnkhSVN (http://ankhsvn.open.collab.net/). In this article I will illustrate just how easy it is to connect to a project in a Subversion repository and how to create a brand new project and add it to a Subversion Repository.

For this artical I’m using Visual Studio 2010 Professional however, the instructions are largely the same for all versions above 2003, I’m sure you will work it out ;-)

Installing AnkhSVN
Visit http://ankhsvn.open.collab.net/ and download the latest version of AnkhSVN, for this article I have downloaded version 2.1 but the instructions will remain the same for a while.

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Mar 11


Most Visual Studio Developers will be comfortable using Either VSS (Visual Source Safe) or TFS (Team Foundation Server) but as Subversion continues to sement its position as the most popular version control system, more and more Microsoft developers are starting to look at Subversion.